Department of Chemical Engineering

At the UPRM, undergraduate study is administered at the department level with each department setting its own criteria for admission and degree requirements.

Chemical Engineering is the branch of engineering that serves those industries that convert chemically basic raw materials into a variety of products at a large scale. It applies the principles of conservation of mass, energy, and momentum together with the fundamental principles of engineering, mathematics, chemistry, physics, life sciences, economics, and social sciences, to the development of the optimum use of natural resources.

The education of the chemical engineer is broad, concerning a range of problems that vary from basic to applied research, technical feasibility, and economic evaluation to plant and equipment design, construction, operation, and troubleshooting. A chemical engineer may also be concerned with other activities such as product sales, management, consulting, patent law and environmental planning. Chemical engineers play an important role in today's world by attempting to solve problems in areas such as environment, renewable energy technologies, food, medical, biotechnology, and new materials development.

Our program is fully accredited by ABET, the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology.

Our Chemical Engineering Undergraduate Program has an average enrollment of 170 students per year, of which 68% are female. This program is ranked among the top ten in the United States based on number of degrees awarded.

As part of the undergraduate program, the Department offers a Bachelor in Science Degree in Chemical Engineering (BSChE) with several elective courses as options. In the last 68 years, the Chemical Engineering program of the University of Puerto Rico has graduated more than 3,000 engineers, being the largest source of Hispanic Chemical Engineers in the United States .