Department of Chemical Engineering

ChE Seminar Series: “Understanding Plagiarism”

Aldo Acevedo PhD. will be offering a talk titled : “Understanding Plagiarism”

Date: November 17, 2015

Time: 10:30am-12:00pm

Place: INQU 004 - Amphitheater

Speaker: Dr. Aldo Acevedo

Title: “Understanding Plagiarism”

Plagiarism in its simpler definition is the attribution to oneself someone else’s work with the intention of committing fraud. While it is rejected as an unethical conduct, its practice remains widespread. Therefore, the full understanding of what constitutes plagiarism is elusive. In this presentation, the definition of plagiarism will be expanded and discussed using examples of reported cases. Examples of plagiarists range from historical figures to current politicians, from entertainers to educators, and from unknown students to international stars, to name a few. The often misunderstood relationship with copyright infringement and fair use will be covered also. Finally, key suggestions on how to identify and prevent plagiarism in an academic environment will be presented.

Dr. Aldo Acevedo-Rullán is Associate Professor and Chair of the Department of Chemical Engineering of the University of Puerto Rico, Mayagüez. He obtained his BS and PhD in Chemical Engineering from the UPRM in 2000 and the University of Delaware in 2006, respectively. His research focuses on the study, primarily rheology, of soft condensed matter (i.e polymers, gels, colloids and liquid crystals) for applications in pharmaceutical and food formulations, and multifunctional materials active materials.